Alcester Baptist Church

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

Prayer for Revival

Wednesday is a special day for Alcester because we are setting aside three sessions for prayer for Revival.

A group from all the Churches in the town met on Wednesday 20th May and started "the ripple effect".  As with ripples on a pond we hope that more and more people will join in a desire for Revival in our town. 

Who is it for? - Everyone with a yearning for Revival

What Day is it on? - Wednesday

What Time is it? -  9.00-10.00, 12.00-13.00 and 16.00-17.00
(Everyone is urged to spend some time within each of these sessions in prayer)

Where? -  Wherever you are

Pray that we will return to the word of God

Pray that the hearts and minds of our young people might be open to the living presence of God's Spirit.

Pray that a fresh sense of love and unity will begin to flow in our churches.

Pray that God will fill our hearts with a passion for the lost.

Pray that the heavens will open and God will pour his spirit afresh upon us.

       Prayer requests for this week are:-

  1. Revival within the Churches 
  2. Pray that the people you see day by day will, through you, be drawn closer to seeking God for themselves.    


Below is a Prayer for Revival - prayed by Evan Roberts in 1906 who led the Welsh revival 1904-5. 

Over 100 years on from that revival, in which 'a heavenly nearness to God' was apparant, Roberts' own prayer for revival resonates with an almost unbearable intensity and sense of conviction so it is given below in full.


Lord Jesus, help us now through the Holy Spirit to come face to face with the Cross.  Whatever the hindrance may be, we commit the service to Thee.  Put us all under the Blood, Oh, Lord, place the Blood on all our past up to this moment. We thank Thee for the Blood.

Reveal the Cross through the Name of Jesus,  Oh, open the Heavens.  Descend upon us now. Tear open our hearts; give us such a sight of Calvary that our hearts may be broken.  Oh Lord, descend now; open our hearts to receive the heart that bled for us.  if we are to be fools - make us fools for Thee.  Take us, spirit, soul and body.  WE ARE THINE.  Thou hast purchased us.  Reveal the Cross for the sake of Jesus - the Cross that is to conquer the world.  Place us under the Blood. Forbid that we should think of what men may say of us.  Oh speak - speak - speak. Lord Jesus.  Thy Words are 'wine indeed':  Oh reveal the Cross, beloved Jesus - the Cross in its glory.

Reign in every heart for the sake of Jesus.  Lord, do Thou help us to see the dying Saviour.  Enable us to see Him conquering the hosts of darkness.  Claim victory for Thy Son, now Lord.  He is worthy to have the victory.  THOU ART THE ALL-POWERFUL GOD. OH, CLAIM VICTORY.  We shall give all the glory to Thy Name.  No one else has the right to the glory but Thee.  Take it, Lord.  Glorify Thy Son in this meeting.  OH, HOLY SPIRIT - DO THY WORK THROUGH US AND IN US NOW!  Speak Thy Word in power for Thy Name's sake. Amen - and Amen!